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Nicole DeNoble

I first got into yoga by joining friends for workplace classes over lunch. I had trained in dance as a kid and teen, and as an adult, I realized how much I wanted to be part of a movement community again. Over the years, I dabbled in different yoga styles and classes until I found my ‘yoga home’ at The Branches. My interest in building a more consistent practice grew, and I eventually pursued yoga teacher training (YTT) with Leena and Emma as part of the 2015 cohort.Since completing my YTT in 2016, I’ve been entrusted to guide folks with a range of practice goals and intentions through mindful movement and relaxation techniques. I take a special interest in sharing restorative yoga as well as ‘the basics’, and I love welcoming new practitioners through our doors as part of the Intro to Yoga program.As of 2021, I’m working towards a 300-hour teacher training designation focused on strength, exercise science, and anti-oppression, led by Carly Stong and Kathryn Bruni-Young.

Looking forward to seeing your face around the studio sometime soon!

My pronouns are she/her.