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Covid-19 Guidelines


Health Screening : We will go through a verbal screening with you as you enter the studio, and anyone presenting with signs of illness (coughing, etc.) or not following our procedures will be asked to leave the studio. As before, staff are completing written screening questionnaires upon arrival.

Reduced Capacity: Classes will operate at reduced capacity in order to meet and exceed physical distancing guidelines. 

Reduced Props: Limited props are available, and they will be sanitized between classes. We encourage you to bring your own props.

Cleaning Procedures: High-touch surfaces are sanitized between classes. Hand sanitizer is available at several stations throughout the studio.

Amenities: Our all-gender washrooms and change pod are available for you to use.

Online Sales Only: All sales, whether for class passes or retail products, are available through our online store only at this time.


Health Screening: Complete a self-assessment before you come to the studio. Do not come to the studio if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, or have been exposed to a known case of COVID-19.

Masks: You are required to wear a mask in the studio and as you arrive on our deck. Once class begins, masks are optional, as strenuous physical activity exempts you from wearing a mask.

Bring your own: yoga mat, pre-filled water bottle, and mask. Bring your own props if you wish, or use ours and sanitize them after class.

Support Our Teachers: Do not enter the area reserved for the teacher in the practice area. Teachers will not be walking around or offering hands-on adjustments at this time.

Advanced Booking Only: You must reserve your spot online up to 30 minutes in advance for livestream and in-studio classes and 2 hours in advance for Outdoor classes. Click here to reserve your spot.

Class Cancellation Policy: You must cancel your reservation 12 hours in advance if you can no longer attend an in-studio or outdoor class.

Waitlist Policy: If it’s outside of the 12 hour cancellation window and you’re next on the waitlist, you’ll be added to class automatically if someone cancels. Once you are added, our cancellation policy applies.

General Studio Proceedures

Online Etiquette

Before and After Class: Please feel encouraged to turn your camera and mic on before and after class to chat with the teacher or other students. 

During Class: You are welcome to keep your camera on if you wish, but be sure to mute your mic. If you have questions, save them for after class. 

In-Studio Etiquette

Before Class: Please arrive at the studio scent-free. Please refrain from wearing or applying any scented products. This is a health issue, not a preference -- several of our teachers and students have severe allergic reactions to scents.

Please put your phone on silent and refrain from making phone calls at the studio. We hope this break from technology helps you focus on being present with your practice and enjoying the space of the studio.

The Branches is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Bring valuables with you into the practice rooms.

Bring your own mat, or borrow one of ours. Please clean the mat after class with the provided mat spray and cloths. All other yoga props are provided, though you may bring your own if you wish. 

During Class: In non-pandemic times, place an Adjustment Card at the front of your mat to indicate your preference for hands-on adjustments from the teacher. 

If you are late to a class, please wait until the centering/opening is over and the movement part of class has begun to enter the room. 

We ask that students do not practice full Headstand or full Shoulderstand before, during or after public classes. We choose not to teach these poses (where weight is placed on the head and neck) due to safety concerns for the spine. 

If you are pregnant, chat with the teacher before class so they can offer you modifications to help you have a comfortable and supportive practice.