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Workplace Yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Many companies now recognize the value of yoga and are offering classes to their employees as part of corporate wellness programs during the workday.

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The Branches Yoga offers recurring classes and one-time events, either at your office or in our studio. Our classes, taught by experienced teachers, can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your staff. Classes can include tips for better ergonomics and alignment while working at a desk, as well as suggestions for 2-minute stretch breaks that can be incorporated into even the busiest workday.

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At-work yoga classes with QSY instructors have been a key part of my work week since 2012. The instructors do an amazing job of counteracting posture issues common in people who have desk jobs. Yoga has been critical for managing the head, neck, and shoulder issues that used to cause me persistent headaches. My hip and low back issues from prolonged sitting have also completely gone away. Yoga is also a great way to manage stress and get my energy levels up. I have been able to significantly improve my physical and mental health since I started working at Google, and yoga has been a critical part of that equation. Not to mention fun!

Eric Maki, Software Developer, Google Kitchener

A class with Queen Street Yoga was exactly the balm that our team needed during this crazy time. She led our staff through an easy-to-follow yoga class that was perfect for participants of all levels of experience and she made us laugh at the same time. We would recommend a virtual session (or two or three!) from a Queen Street Yoga instructor to any teams making the shift to working from home.

Katie Overmonds, OhmConnect

Types of Yoga classes for the workplace


  • Active yoga sequenced at a moderate pace to improve overall strength and flexibility while decreasing tension.

  • Emphasis on improved alignment and relief for chronic areas of tension for desk workers, such as the hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck.

  • Each class ends with guided deep breathing and relaxation to help your staff return to work refreshed.

  • Appropriate for beginners and intermediate students.


  • Flow at a steady pace through a sequence of floor, balancing, and standing postures designed to help unwind tension.

  • Emphasis on mindful movement, core awareness, deep breathing, and building strength and stamina in transitions.

  • Appropriate for those with 2+ months yoga experience.


  • This class is designed to help your staff deepen their breathing, improve mental clarity and focus, and restore the nervous system.

  • Move through gentle stretches, simple movements, mindfulness exercises, and end with guided deep relaxation.

  • Appropriate for everyone, including beginners and those with injuries