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COVID-19 Policies

For Indoor Classes & Events

Vaccination Requirements

The Branches will require proof vaccination for attendance in all indoor classes and events as per Ontario mandates at this time. These vaccine requirements do not apply to outdoor classes.

All of The Branches teachers and staff are fully vaccinated. 

Who does this apply to? Anyone coming to The Branches for classes or other events who is 12 or older.

What do I need to show that I’m fully vaccinated? 

1. Physical or digital second dose vaccination receipt (indicating it’s been 14+ days since your second dose). Download a copy here.

2. Government-issued photo ID 

Please come 10-15 minutes early to your first visit.

Is the studio recording my vaccination proof? You are welcome to have the fact of your full vaccination saved on your file at The Branches so that you do not have to show proof every time you visit. If so, we will put a simple checkmark on your account. If you prefer to not have a checkmark saved to your account, you may show your ID and receipt each time you visit. 

Can I email my proof of vaccination? No, we need to check in person.

Why are you doing this? This is a government-mandated requirement for non-essential businesses, including gyms and yoga studios. We support this policy as a way of supporting small businesses staying open more safely and practicing community care for our most vulnerable community members. 

What if I’m unvaccinated or wish not to show proof? We welcome you to participate in our virtual or outdoor classes at this time. As with masks and distancing policies, we hope that vaccine passports will be a temporary measure.

Our Ventilation System

We have brand new (2021) heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation systems in our facility. Our HRV (heat return ventilator) ensures a constant supply of fresh outdoor air is brought in, and old air gets fully expelled. As fresh air comes in, it goes through three stages of filtration, and then is distributed throughout the building. This system is superior for reducing COVID transmission because unlike an older building where a furnace just recycles the same air constantly, or even an air purifier which cleans existing air, our system fully exchanges the air. 

Other Proceedures

Health Screening: Complete a self-assessment before you come to the studio. Do not come to the studio if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, or have been exposed to a known case of COVID-19.

Masks: You are required to wear a mask in the studio and as you arrive on our deck. Once class begins, masks are optional, as strenuous physical activity exempts you from wearing a mask.

Bring your own: yoga mat, pre-filled water bottle, and mask. You can use our props and sanitize them after class.

Support Our Teachers: Teachers will not be offering hands-on adjustments at this time.

Cleaning: High-touch surfaces are sanitized between classes. Hand sanitizer is available at several stations throughout the studio.

Amenities: Our all-gender washrooms are available for you to use.

Online Sales: We encourage you to purchase passes and retail items in our online store whenever possible. 

Reduced Capacity: Classes will operate at reduced capacity in order to meet or exceed physical distancing guidelines. 

Advanced Booking Only: You must reserve your spot up to 30 minutes in advance for all classes. Click here to reserve your spot.

For Outdoor Classes & Events

Our vaccination policy does not apply to Outdoor classes and events. All of our teachers are fully vaccinated.

Masks: Masks are required when you’re coming and going. Once you’re set up on your mat, you may remove your mask if you wish since we are outdoors and 2 meters apart. 

Required COVID Screening: In accordance with public health orders, you must complete a COVID screening before participating in our outdoor classes, even if you have been vaccinated. This will be emailed to you when you book a class, and 24-hours in advance in your reminder email, or you can click HERE to complete the screening prior to coming to Outdoor Yoga.