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Specialty Yoga to Expand Your Practice

Deepen your yoga practice with dedicated learning opportunities. Whether you are seeking an approach to yoga that works for your body, or you want to focus on a specific area like postures and breathing, yoga philosophy, yoga ayurveda or self-care, we’ve got a teacher who wants to dive deep with you! Our staff are passionate life-long learners who love to share approachable practices with their students.

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Mon June 14

  • 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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    VIRTUAL Workshop: How to Actually Open Your Hips ($30) with Leslie

    Want to learn how to open your hips? Hint: It’s not *pigeon pose.

    In this workshop, you’ll learn key exercises for expanding the capacity of your hips to move well and be strong. Get ready for targeted and sweaty mobility work, all aimed at making your sitting, squatting, walking and daily living a lot more easeful.

    Leslie will be drawing upon her education in Functional Range Conditioning, Kinstretch, and Yoga anatomy, and her personal experience with strength conditioning and years of floor-sitting. She’ll share important concepts that explain why passive stretching isn’t the whole story when it comes to creating usable range of motion.

    *NOTE: While yoga has so much to offer, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with pigeon pose, yoga asanas (postures) weren’t necessarily designed with your joint health in mind. This workshop will be exploring techniques beyond yoga asanas that are specifically designed improving joint function.

    Adventurous beginners welcome. Includes a PDF handout and 2-week video replay.

    A computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection are required to participate. We will email you the class link about half an hour before class.

Mon July 19

  • 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
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    VIRTUAL Workshop: Honouring the Roots & Branches of Yoga ($30) with Emma

    Yoga is often reduced to poses and breath, but what is getting left out in many North American classes? Let’s find out by delving into yoga history and philosophy in this introductory workshop. Learn how the practice of yoga has been influenced by colonialism, capitalism, politics, and cultural appropriation. Discuss ways to connect your practice to yoga’s roots, and leave with resources to continue learning about yoga’s many branches.

    Workshop includes 2 week video replay and a PDF handout.

    A computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection are required to participate. We will email you the class link about half an hour before class.

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Our workshops are single modules that either introduce a concept that supports your regular practice, or dives deep into a special topic to stoke your curiosity. Workshops come with additional take-home handouts and video replay access to solidify your learning. Workshops are offered both in person and online - you choose what works for you!

Our courses run for several weeks as a blended series of pre-recorded and live lessons, with 1-year access to video replays. Our courses take place both in-person and online, with live sessions offered through zoom.

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