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Emma Dines

I teach yoga to build community. I have been teaching since 2010, and I am passionate about body positivity, poetry, and linking our practice of yoga to activism, social justice and caring for the wider world. I teach with playfulness, sound effects and humour, and draw on my background as an actor and writer to create memorable and meaningful classes.My training includes upwards of 750 hours of training with local and international teachers, in the fields of yoga, strength training, functional movement, Ayurveda, anatomy, contact improvisation and the Axis Syllabus. I am a certified Yoga for Round Bodies™ teacher. One of the highlights of my job is co-directing The Branches' 200-hour Teacher Training Program through which I have overseen the training and mentoring of close to 90 new teachers.

Some teachers/authors that I draw influence and inspiration from include: Madeleine Shen, Matthew Remski, Kathryn Bruni-Young, Cecily Milne and Katy Bowman. I also value learning from and alongside my experienced teaching colleagues; Leena Miller Cressman, Leslie Stokman, Carin Lowerison, Monica Sheridan and Kristina Lekin.

I love to sing to my students at the end of class. I’ve recorded some of these songs and they are available for download on Soundcloud.

My pronouns are she/they.