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Starts November 1st

Just like any other body part, your neck will feel great after some dedicated, caring movement.

To meet technology’s demands, we can get sucked into overusing our eyes and neck in a limited range of movement. At the same time, a lot of yoga focuses on the body from the neck down.

Turn your attention to all the important parts that this area includes: your brilliant brain, your powerful info-carrying nerves, your awareness systems like your eyes and ears, and the tiny, hardworking muscles that help it all function. 

These practices give you a chance to understand how your head is feeling and functioning, and gently address tension, brain fog, fatigue and discomfort.

Included in Be Nice to Your Neck & Noggin:

Check in, offer respite and care, then get moving with intention in five thoughtful videos with Alissa and Leena.

Listening Practice to Care for Tired Eyes, Brain Fog & Headaches: simple tips to address tinnitis, externalize headaches, pause eye work, attune your ears.

Head, Heart & Hands: an introspective practice to check in with your mental wellbeing and ground you when you feel overwhelmed.

Eyes, Head & Neck: strengthen these areas of the body and integrate how your eyes and neck work together.

Neck & Shoulder Reset: wake up the muscles around your shoulders and neck to get things moving in all directions and building capacity.

Align Your Head & Neck: learn our key action of head ramping to support a more easeful experience of your posture in daily life and yoga practice.

Listening Practice to Care for Tired Eyes, Brain Fog & Headaches

Head, Heart & Hands

Eyes, Head & Neck

Neck & Shoulder Reset

Align Your Head & Neck

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