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Kendra Hinton

Kendra fell in love with yoga after her first class in about 2010. The reduction of physical pain was the first reason forher practice, but she continues to practice for spiritual growth, mental/physical health/wellbeing. Yoga influences howshe approaches each person she cares for in a professional capacity as a Registered Nurse and yoga teacher aswell as in her personal life. She will often tell folks “yoga saves my life everyday.”Journeying into motherhood in 2019 with the premature birth of her twin girls, followed by returning to an understaffedworkforce quickly became unsustainable. This is where Kendra learned rest is dharmic (honours divine order). Thisexperience has led Kendra to love and appreciate practicing truly restorative and rejuvenating yoga that soothes thenervous system and provides you with the opportunity to replenish your energy by utilizing the guided awareness ofyoga nidra (yogic sleep), pranayama (breath work), the gentle flow of asana (pose) sequences and restful restorativeasana.Kendra has had many inspiring teachers. She started her practice in Ashtanga with Lindsay Gulanes, which was verysupportive for her battle with depression. Then took her 200h YTT with Denise Davis-Gains, who’s approach ofSamasa (Fusion) Yoga, which includes easeful, gentle flowing and yet dynamic asana, pranayama, visualization,yoga nidra continues to be a staple in what Kendra shares with her students. Nora Benian’s teachings on therapeuticyoga provided a deep impression on Kendra’s approach to asanas for varied abilities, and the focus on pranayama.Kendra currently is focusing on study with Kaya Mindlin, deepening her understanding of yogic philosophy and therestorative practice of Supreme Release Yoga (SRY). SRY has exponentially impacted her healing journey inpostpartum, IBS, eczema and burnout.