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Kendra Hinton

Kendra’s love for caring for people, and a particular curiosity for the human body, mind, and experience led her to begin teaching yoga asana in 2014 after her 200hr training with Denise at Atlas Studio. Yoga influences how she approaches each person she cares for in a professional capacity as a Registered Nurse and yoga teacher as well as in her personal life.

Journeying into motherhood in 2019 with the premature birth of her twin girls, and returning to an understaffed workforce at the start of the pandemic quickly became unsustainable. Kendra experienced first hand burnout and that rest is dharmic (honours divine order). This experience has led Kendra to love and appreciate practicing truly restorative and rejuvenating yoga that soothes the nervous system and provides you with the opportunity to replenish your energy by utilizing the guided awareness of yoga nidra (yogic sleep), pranayama (breath work), the gentle flow of asana (pose) sequences and restful restorative asana. Kendra’s experience of some of the challenges of birth, premature birth, complicated pregnancies, burnout and lack of support many parents face, has sparked a desire to serve the pre/postnatal population. Her prenatal classes provide a space for connection, sharing and preparing your body and mind for the birthing journey.

Kendra has had many inspiring yoga asana teachers and is currently studying with Kaya Mindlin in Supreme Release Yoga, and deepening her understanding of the teachings within the Bhagavad Gita.

Kendra’s pronouns are she/her.