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Marg Hull

Over many years, I have been a seeker of wholeness, exploring natural healing, psychology, spirituality, qi gong, contact improv, running and physical fitness. But through all this, yoga has been constant. I first started practising when yoga was still seen in the west as a little ‘woo-woo,’ and I've never stopped. Yoga means ‘yoking.’ From Patanjali’s ancient Yoga Sutras: Yogaschittavrttinirodha: Yoga calms the ripples of consciousness. To this, I say yes! As our mental chatter is stilled, we move toward union with our true self, and with all that is.I’ve studied a number of styles, including Ashtanga, Sivananda, and Iyengar. A classically trained singer, I found yoga principles invaluable as I performed and taught voice for many years, experiencing the empowerment of the body-mind-spirit connection. I was thrilled to find my yoga home at The Branches (then Queen Street Yoga) in 2007, where I completed my first teacher training in 2010 with Hart Lazer, Meagan Johnson and Kristen Honey, and graduated from QSY's YTT program in 2018.I love to bear witness as people grow into wholeness. Besides voice teaching, I spent years as a core, music, and phys ed teacher in the elementary system, am trained in spiritual care and psychotherapy, have my own small counselling practice, and my study is ongoing. All of this inspires my yoga classes.

Ever a morning person, I love to share the joy of yoga with friends in Sunrise Practice, and I feel especially privileged to offer Yoga for Anxiety & Depression, to help others deepen their mind/body connection.