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Class Types

Beginner-Friendly Classes


Movement: Yoga asana & mobility - active, straight-forward and doable, gentle strength-building

Mood: informative, light-hearted, upbeat

This class focuses on fundamental poses and simple transitions to help cultivate strength and flexibility. We’ll maintain an active but moderate pace. Great for beginners and those wanting to review and refine their understanding.

Slow Flow

Movement: Yoga asana & mobility - both unrushed and active, exploratory, ends with restful poses

Mood: nourishing, introspective

This class maintains an active but unrushed pace and is great for those who want to soften their focus on details and simply enjoy moving mindfully.

Strength Essentials

Movement: Strength training (not a yoga asana class) - active, powerful yet doable

Mood: upbeat, informative, empowering

Build strength and increase capacity for daily tasks and recreational activities through exercises with external load (like hand weights and resistance bands) and body weight, plus functional movements, like squats and doable push-up progressions.


Movement: Yoga asana - gentle stretches, resting in supported poses, deep breathing

Mood: nourishing, quiet, settling

Our slowest class of gentle and supported resting poses. Relax through gentle movement, then rest deeply into our soft bolsters and blankets. The focus of this class is on mindfulness and calming the nervous system, which may improve breathing, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and improve overall health and well-being.

Classes Better With Some Prior Experience

Dynamic Flow

Movement: Primarily yoga asana & flow, some mobility & strength, active, powerful, full-body movement

Mood: playful, upbeat

For those who want to move actively, build strength and flexibility, and cultivate mindfulness and focus. Class ends with 5 minutes of relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed.

Flow & Restore

Movement: athletic & powerful, then gentle & restful

Mood: upbeat & informative, then calming & settled

For those who want the best of both worlds, Flow & Restore will take you from end to end of the movement spectrum. First, get all fired up with flowing yoga, strength, and mobility work. Then wind down with gentle stretches and some longer restorative poses.

Strength & Flow

Movement: Strength training & yoga asana - active, athletic, powerful, strong pace

Mood: invigorating, upbeat, informative

A blend yoga postures and flows with creative techniques to build strength progressively and help you become more balanced and flexible. This class will challenge the idea that passive stretching is the best way to increase flexibility.

Sunrise Flow

Movement: Yoga asana & pranayama (breathing exercises)

Mood: variable

Move mindfully and actively and get refreshed in the early morning.