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IN-STUDIO Strength Essentials

Movement: Strength training (not a yoga asana class) - active, powerful yet doable

Mood: upbeat, informative, empowering

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by strength training, this class will leave you feeling strong and empowered. You can build strength without a gym membership, and Strength Essentials is a great place to start or reintroduce strength training.

In this class, you can expect to combine exercises that use external load (like hand weights and resistance bands) and body weight, and time for recovery. You’ll learn functional movements, like squats and doable push-up progressions, to help you build strength and increase capacity for daily tasks and recreational activities. We’ll take a fun and lighthearted approach to strength building in a group setting, and participants who attend regularly can expect to build physical capacity and confidence progressively, over time. This class is ideal for folks who want to increase bone density (to prevent the progression of osteoporosis) or gradually rebuild strength after a major life change such as a pregnancy or illness.

**If you're practicing at home, you will benefit from having some combination of free weights; either kettlebells or dumbbells can work. Not everyone will have a selection of weights to choose from, but if you do, it’s great to have 3 total to choose from in these categories: one light-medium, one medium, and one heavy weight. Light vs medium vs heavy is all relative to the person, but consider light-medium as something you could manage to press overhead, medium as something you could add to your squat, and heavy as something you could pick up from the floor and carry below your hip level. I’m addition to weights, we will sometimes use a resistance band for warm-ups, so it’s handy to have one of those. Other props we sometimes use include, yoga blocks, a sturdy chair or bench, some space at the wall.

Beginners of all ages with no major wrist, knee or core limitations are welcome and encouraged to participate

**This class will include weight bearing on all fours (knees and wrists). Some alternatives will be given, however if you have significant limitations being on your hands and knees, we recommend starting with the Essentials class on the drop-in schedule.

Reserve your spot at least 30 min in advance.

Please see our website for our full COVID-19 policies.