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Partly spicy, partly relaxing, this class is all about refined movements in service of feeling integrated and easeful in your body. We'll work to create smooth joint articulation and increased range-of-motion, while improving the mind-body connection. The ethos of this class is to embrace our physical bodies as worthy of attention and care.

Expect a well-rounded blend of Functional Range Conditioning mobility action, core work, breath exploration, self massage, Tensegrity Repair Series, and some stretching. This class works well as a compliment to intense or vigorous sports/athletics, as a support for your Yoga practice, or as a starting point to become more confident and fluid in your body.

Mood: informative, light-hearted, nerdy

Movement: precise, slow & spicy, transition to relaxed

Reserve your spot at least 2 hours in advance; no drop-ins allowed. We will email you 1 hour before class time to confirm whether the class is on or cancelled due to weather. Details at