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a 30-Day Yoga Challenge to kick off 2024!

starts January 1

Do you long for a sustainable daily practice that leaves your whole self feeling refreshed and capable? Are you feeling renewed motivation/focus/inspiration with the coming new year?

30 Days of Practice is a routine reset, and a commitment to showing up for yourself, and a fun variety pack of daily practice!

Each day, you’ll get a 15- to 30-minute practice video with one of our all-star teachers. Welcoming to beginners, but spicy enough for seasoned practitioners, every session is unique.

The arc of the 30 days includes a well-rounded variety of practices including energizing flows, strength building, restorative yoga, and mindfulness, all programmed so that each week feels balanced.

Wholistic, doable, daily practice is within reach!

Practices Include:

Flow through a weekly rhythm that gives you variety in length, level of challenge, rest, and body-areas focus:

Mondays: Short and Sweet 

Tuesdays: Try Hard

Wednesdays: Hump Day Restorative

Thursdays: Dynamic 

Fridays: Slow Flow/More Chill

Saturdays: Strength

Sundays: Luxurious Self-Massage and Rest

31 unique practices in total!

Slip & Slide Sun Salutations

Hello Neck & Shoulders!

Ground and Make Space

Ready, Set, Locomote!

Body Positive Flow

Pick Your Push-Up Progression

Full Body Roll Out

Join via Branches On-Demand

  • get 30 Days of Practice and much more
  • first 7 days are free, then it's $25/month
  • renews monthly, but no minimum commitment

How does 30 Days of Practice work?

  • Get 30 unique practice videos, with a new video per day starting Monday, January 1st
  • Access videos via Branches On-Demand via on our streaming service from anywhere you have internet: a computer, tablet, phone or smart TV
  • Branches On-Demand includes a ton of other practice videos, with entry points for many areas of interest; be sure to explore and see all of our great content
  • Connect with our teachers and your fellow participants in the comments section

Get your first 7-days free when you join Branches On-Demand

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