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Available September 1 - June 30

Sitting all day at work or school? Our bodies and minds definitely need a break during long periods of focus and stillness. This series is designed for everyone who works at a desk, post-secondary students, school-aged kids, and their teachers!

So, get up from your seat, get moving and get mindful with these bite-sized yoga snacks! Using just your desk and chair, these videos will help you refresh your presence with a quick but meaningful 5-10 minutes of yoga practice.

Purchase Yoga Snacks on its own for $35, or get access to this series, and much more, as part as our monthly subscription, Branches On Demand. 

Included in Yoga Snacks at Your Desk:

With 15 videos, each with a new theme, you’ll have a chance to shift your energy, focus on one body area, or explore the 5 elements of yoga. Required equipment: just a chair, a spot to stand up, and a desk or table.

Five Yoga Snacks to Shift Your Energy:
Calming, Energizing, Balancing, Moving With the Breath, and Waking Up The Senses

Five Yoga Snacks to Care For Your Body:
Wrists & Shoulders, Neck & Shoulders, Spine, Hips, and Feet & Ankles

Five Yoga Snacks to Explore the Elements:
Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth

Yoga Snacks: Calming

Yoga Snacks: Energizing

Yoga Snacks: Balancing

Yoga Snacks: Moving with the Breath

Yoga Snacks: Waking Up the Senses

Yoga Snacks: Wrists & Shoulders

Yoga Snacks: Neck & Shoulders

Yoga Snacks: Spine

Yoga Snacks: Hips

Yoga Snacks: Feet

Yoga Snacks: Space Element

Yoga Snacks: Air Element

Yoga Snacks: Water Element

Yoga Snacks: Fire Element

Yoga Snacks: Earth Element

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Or Purchase Yoga Snacks At Your Desk Separately

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How does Yoga Snacks At Your Desk work?

  • Get access to 15 unique practice videos from September 1 - June 30
  • Access videos via on our streaming service from anywhere you have internet: a computer, tablet, phone or smart TV
  • if you choose the Branches On-Demand subscription, you'll also get a tonne of other practice videos, with entry points for many areas of interest; be sure to explore and see all of our great content
  • Connect with our teachers and your fellow participants in the comments section