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putting self-love into action

starts February 1

If you're seeking a deeper connection to life, or wondering what it feels like to care and be cared for with ease, the practices in this series can be a major boost on your path.

Each of us can experience care and connection through yoga, by orienting awareness and action to our self and our parts, to our environment, and to spirit. 

Take tangible steps towards sensing and creating an inner connection through simple, joyful and powerful practices.

Practices Include:

5 to 7 videos per theme for 31 practices total!


Self Care & Massage

Care for Your Joints

Connect to Your Breath

Connecting to Spirit

Connect to Your Family

Full Body Roll Out

Spine Articulation

Sensing the Breath

Fresh Start Meditation

Family Yoga Big Kid Flow

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How does Care & Connection work?

  • Get 31 unique practice videos
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  • Branches On-Demand includes a tonne of other practice videos, with entry points for many areas of interest; be sure to explore and see all of our great content
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