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Available October 1st

In this series, we invite you to cultivate gratitude. Sometimes gratitude comes on us spontaneously but we can also choose to explore it on purpose to nourish our mental wellbeing and feeling of being at home in the world. 

We have created three special practice videos for you to nurture and grow your gratitude. In each one you’ll move through an easy going sequence, and be inspired to reflect upon what there is to be grateful for in your social connections, the land and Earth, and your own body. Experience a felt-sense of gratitude as you practice asana, and let that warmth radiate into the rest of your day.

This October, we’re celebrating a Month of Gratitude. To show it, we’re sharing a few gifts that last from October 1 - 31.

Join Branches On-Demand for FREE for one month when you sign up in October - includes our fresh series, Gifts of Gratitude and reflect daily on a printable gratitude journal with custom prompts.

Included in Gifts of Gratitude:

Get moving in three thoughtful videos with our studio directors: Leslie, Leena and Emma.

Gratitude for the Earth with Leslie

Gratitude for Your Body with Leena

Gratitude for Connection with Emma

Gratitude for Your Body

Gratitude for the Earth

Gratitude for Connection

Join via Branches On-Demand

  • get Gifts of Gratitude and much more
  • In October only, get your first month free
  • $25 + hst per month
  • renews monthly, but no minimum commitment

How does Gifts of Gratitude work?

  • Get access to 3 unique practice videos from October 1-31.
  • Access videos via on our streaming service from anywhere you have internet: a computer, tablet, phone or smart TV
  • if you choose the Branches On-Demand subscription, you'll also get a tonne of other practice videos, with entry points for many areas of interest; be sure to explore and see all of our great content
  • Connect with our teachers and your fellow participants in the comments section