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Starts May 1, 2024

Do you find your hips stiff and sore? Want to learn how to open your hips? Hint: it’s gonna be way more exciting than just pigeon pose! Hip health is a use-it-or-lose-it type of situation, so there’s no better time than right now to treat your hips to some TLC - as well as some tough love!

In this series, you’ll learn key exercises that will help your hips both feel great and move better. By the end of the month, your sitting, squatting, walking, yoga practice and daily life will feel a lot more comfortable, strong and fluid. You’ll be all set for spring & summer hiking, cycling, gardening, and wherever your adventures take you.

Hip Mobility May includes five streams:

1. Mobility Techniques- 4 practices
2. Accessory Work - 4 practices
3. Hip Strengthening - 5 practices
4. Fun Flows - 6 practices
5. Complementary Practices - 5 practices

While yoga has so much to offer, this series will take you deeper than passive stretching and familiar poses into techniques that are specifically designed to improve your range of motion, strength and joint health.

Each stream has several videos that will have you discovering muscles you didn’t know existed, and spending quality time getting to know your hips, increasing your range of motion, hydrating them with nutritious movement, and strengthening them by challenging your muscles.

We can’t wait for your hips to feel great!

Practices Include:

1. Mobility Techniques are targeted with nitty gritty detail. Practices include Hip CARs, Hip Flexion, and 2 more.

2. Accessory Work is for the neighbouring joints in your lower legs and pelvis which all support hip function. Practices include Adaptable Ankles, Neutral Pelvis for Hip Mobility, and 2 more.

3. Hip Strengthening is full of workouts to power up and stabilize your range of motion. Practices include Lower Body Fire Up, Towards Single Leg Strength, and 3 more.

4. Fun Flows are a less technical way to express and challenge your hips with a mix of familiar yoga poses and transitions and mobility combos. Practices include Happy Baby Flow, Blanket Slide Lunges, and 4 more.

5. Complementary Practices take you through some gentle, active-recovery style movement. Practices include Self Massage for Softening the Hips, Happy Hips Restorative, and 3 more.

Mobility & Chill: Hips & Pelvis

Adaptable Ankles

Lower Body Strength with Resistance Bands

Self Massage to Soften the Hips

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