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practice self-care & build resilience

starts March 1st in Branches On Demand

So many of us have experienced challenges to our mental health in the past several years. In times of prolonged stress and uncertainty, we all need tools to help us navigate difficulty with skill and to find a sustainable way to keep going.

Sources of chronic stress (like a pandemic, economic inflation and systemic racism) can challenge your resilience and ability to bounce back from the road bumps of everyday life. Whether you notice a tendency towards checking out, shutting down, over-thinking or lashing out, it’s totally normal to be struggling sometimes - and, there are ways to lend yourself a helping hand.

With Mental Health March we’re offering a care package for your body, mind and nervous system that can help you respond wisely to the different ways that stress impacts your whole being.

Drawing on the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda, as well as contemporary science, these practices are simple tools that will empower you to deepen your relationship with yourself through self-compassionate awareness and action. Discover ands strengthen your inner resources with a little guidance from our caring teachers.

Included Practices:

Try out each of the four themes or strategies to help you move through different states and figure out what works for you. With 5 videos per theme, you get 20 practices total.

1. CHECK-IN: Short and simple practices to check in and gauge how you feel.

2. ENLIVEN: Practices to gently mobilize and invigorate when you’re feeling stuck or depressed.

3. GROUND: Practices to help ground and calm you when you’re feeling anxious. 

4. EXPRESS: Practices to express and move through irritability and frustration.

Roll & Stretch

Walking Meditation

Tapping, Opening and Moving with Ease

Fire in the Belly Sun Salutations

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How does Mental Health March work?

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