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30 days of flexibility & strength

starts May 1

Do you feel like everyday life and athletic pursuits used to be easier on your body, but now you find that you’re a little stiff and sore… for no good reason? If you work at a desk all day, or if your job requires repetitive movements, a little mobility work will do your body good!

Joint health is a use-it-or-lose-it, but-please-don’t-abuse-it type of situation, so there’s no better time than right now to treat your body to some TLC in the form of mobility work. Gear up for summer by prepping your joints for hikes, cycling, gardening and all the fun that the sunny season offers.

What is Mobility?

We think of mobility as movement and strength at your deepest ranges of motion. Mobility work can feel like a stretch, like you’re discovering muscles you didn’t know existed, or like good old fashioned strength exercise. The practices in the Mobility May videos will have you moving with precision, awareness and effort! 

Whole Body Intention

Spend time getting to know and hydrating all your major joints (including your spine) with good movement to flush them with nutrients that support tissue health. To stabilize your efforts at getting your joints moving well, you’ll also work on strengthening your core, which we define as everything in your torso, not just your abs.

As the month progresses, practices will get a little more challenging, so you can grow along with the demands, or go back and repeat practices from earlier in the series.

We can’t wait for your body to feel great!

Practices Include:

Lower Body Mobility Flow

Juicy Joint Mobility & Sun Salutations

Shoulder Flossing Flow

At Your Desk: Neck & Shoulder Mobility

Mobility and Chill: Hips and Pelvis

+ 25 more unique practice videos

Lower Body Mobility Flow

Juicy Joint Mobility & Sun Salutations

Shoulder Flossing Flow

At Your Desk: Shoulder & Neck Mobility

Mobility and Chill: Hips and Pelvis

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How does Mobility May work?

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  • Branches On-Demand includes a ton of other practice videos, with entry points for many areas of interest; be sure to explore and see all of our great content
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