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Starts June 1

Are you looking forward to some fun this summer, and know that a little extra strength will serve you well along the way? Maybe you’ve heard that strength training is important, but it can be tricky to get started.

We’ve got you covered!

Shore up your strength fundamentals and bolster your Summer fun with exercises that will improve your functional capacity for the special activities you enjoy like travel, camping and sports, as well as everyday tasks like lifting kids, running around with pets, and managing your grocery haul.

Build up your strength with four concise practice videos combining the key capacities of pulling, pushing, balance, and stability work. Each video is 15-20 minutes and can be done on their own or in combination with any other.

Included in Summer Strength:

Expand your training knowledge by learning the form for the following exercises and finding the right level of challenge for:

Hinges & Rows: Deadlifts + Standing Bent Rows

Squats & Presses:
Goblet Squats + Strict Presses

Lunges & Carries:
Reverse Lunges + Suitcase/Farmer Carry

Push-Up Progression

Intro 1: Choosing Weight & Volume

Intro 2: Substituting Household Objects

Hinges & Rows

Squats & Presses

Lunges & Carries

Push-Up Progression

Choosing Weights & Household Substitutes

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How does Summer Strength work?

  • Get access to your fresh training videos starting June 1
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  • Branches On-Demand includes a ton of other practice videos, with entry points for many areas of interest; be sure to explore and see all of our great content
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