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Starts June 1, 2024

It’s never too late to get stronger! Have some fun, learn good form, and get all fired up for summer activities with our Summer Strength Smorgasbord.

What motivates you to build strength? Building and maintaining strength can help you stay active with your kids and grandkids, enjoy your hobbies and pastimes, and make every daily life feel lighter compared to lifting heavy. You’ve probably heard that strength and conditioning are a key part of pain reduction, healthspan and longevity. In this series, you’ll get a powerful experience to set or keep you on the right track.

All our best strength-focused programming, that covers upper body, lower body and core, come in four streams, with 28 videos total:

1. Learn to Lift: dial in the fundamentals

2. Practice with Weights: go beyond the basics

3. Practice with Resistance Bands: boost stability and control

4. Body Weight & More: experiment and flow

Don’t have a full set of kettlebells at home? Not to worry. We’ll guide you through finding suitable substitutes from around the house. Boost your ease, muscle mass, and bone density! Let’s go!

Practices Include:

1. Learn to Lift: 5 lessons that zero-in on the non-negotiable strength-building movements. These are great if you’ve never lifted a weight before, and for focusing on fundamentals.

2. Practice with Weights: 4 lessons to expand on your learning and challenge you to fine-tune your movements.

3. Practice with Resistance Bands: 6 lessons to improve your stability and control through the dynamic pull of resistance bands!

4. Body Weight & More: 13 lessons to get you flowing, trying new things, and mixing it up with a bit of strong yoga practice, too!

Goblet Squats & Strict Press

Turkish Get Up Flow

Asana Flow with Resistance Bands

Whole Body Core

Think You Can't Do A Push Up? Think Again

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How does Summer Strength Smorgasbord work?

  • Get 28 unique practice videos, with access from June 1 to July 30
  • Access videos via Branches On-Demand via on our streaming service from anywhere you have internet: a computer, tablet, phone or smart TV
  • Connect with our teachers and your fellow participants in the comments section

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